Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spotting Vintage Deals at Spotted Dog Antiques

On my way to see my family in Bellevue about a month ago, I was driving down Charlotte to Old Hickory Blvd. Just past WalMart on the right, it was hard to miss a metal spotted dog sculpture at the foot of a driveway leading to an old log cabin. Before long, a sign was out in the yard: "Spotted Dog Antiques". Tired of rubbernecking it, I determined that I would check out this possible gem.

The day finally came last week, when my 19 month old son's nap and snack schedule permitted. It turns out I went a second time with my visiting father-in-law yesterday. The stroller situation didn't allow me to enjoy the second floor of the antique shop the first time (FYI for any stroller pushers). My father-in-law and I combed through the Spotted Dog twice, pointing and oohing and ahhing. It was nice to have an avid thrifter/antiquer (not to mention an experienced interior designer) from Asheville confirm Spotted Dog's gem status.

And what a gem! My first visit, I learned that the Spotted Dog's owner was a former partner in the now defunct Crystal Dragon thrift store formerly across from Richland Park. Spotted Dog continues this family tradition with its own brand of vintage flair and fun.

Most items are priced but it's implicitly understood they might be negotiable. My purchase was a turquoise vintage phone that had been on my Christmas and birthday wish list for some time. It was priced at $25, but he parted with it for $20. Even at the marked price, this was a steal considering the State Fairgrounds flea market and online folks sell these for $50 and up.
Check out how great the turquoise phone looks aside our Mr. Sharpy in the home office!

Spotted Dog Antiques is a welcome addition to our thriving thrift and antique scene on Charlotte Avenue. Check back within the week for the next Charlotte gem discovery.

Enjoy some of the gems we spotted at Spotted Dog Antiques:

A local artisan makes these kiln-dried yellow poplar cabinets in an array of colors (yellow, white, light green, etc.). Priced around $225.

This vintage Miss Muffet lamp (complete with little owl observing her predicament from a tree branch) would look so cute in a little girl's room. I believe it was marked around $15.

Some lucky thrifter landed this blue flowered dresser for $150 before I could. Alas, it was marked SORRY I'M SOLD. My father-in-law said he saw someone buy a smaller dresser in Asheville for $300 - so great price!

One full room devoted to LP's. Wish we had had time to scour the vinyl to supply our old Zenith turntable console.

Sports memorabilia for $5 each. These pennants scream "man cave" or boy's room decor.

This 1950's mirror with knick knack shelves was marked $55.

Spotted Dog Antiques has a varied and prolific supply of wall art. Most of it was well under $100 and of that bunch, a good majority is under $50.


  1. Nice phone! My Dad would love to have one like that. Maybe not blue, but one that works and just has plain buttons and a cord.

    I look forward to checking the store out!


  2. Yeah! Those old phones actually work and have great reception - unlike my cordless which runs out of battery - or my cell phone which gets awful service in my house. Now I don't have to pace outside in my front yard to get a signal. Thanks for reading RVB :) And definitely get your dad a vintage phone.

  3. It's a beauty!
    I am fortunate enough to have a pacemaker, and every 3 months I call in to the clinic and they listen to the pacemaker to be sure it's working right. That technology is right out of the 20th Century and requires an acoustic coupler to work, can't use a cell phone, can't use a wireless because they're not shaped like your blue phone. So I have a similar one at my house, also bought on Charlotte, and it's great!

  4. Mitch, glad to know that you purchased a vintage phone on Charlotte as well. There really are some things an iPhone cannot do! Check: the iPhone cannot listen to a pacemaker. Thanks for reading!

  5. Great blog CAG - I started Charlotte Ave is Shaping Up blog years ago ( but haven't really made many updates lately (two young children will take that time away). Glad to see that someone else has taken an interest in what Charlotte has to offer. My wife has wanted to check out the Spotted Dog, but it seems to be closed and the phone number is disconnected. Do you know if they are out of business or just closed for the winter?